Wall Art ~ Shields

My Husband some times surprises me. He does have good taste because of course he married me but I find that I have help him a little when it comes to choosing furnishings. Trust me, it is 100% better now than when I first met him!

A couple of months back when I was in Adelaide he made a few homely purchases and two of them were wall shields. That’s really the only word I can come up with to call them because they are look and feel like shields. At first I wondered what I was going to do with them because I am running out of wall space and I don’t want our home to look too cluttered. I thought about putting them up outside but with our weather they may get mould or even rust.

So, after months of sitting on the floor in the spare room I finally decided to put them up on the wall in the hallway where the spare bedrooms, main bathroom and laundry are located. As you can see it is quite a narrow hallway so I didn’t want something too chunky on the wall but being such a long wall it was looking quite bare.

I am actually quite happy with the outcome. It used be such a boring space and now it has some substance.

2 thoughts on “Wall Art ~ Shields

    • A bit more like a show home 🙂 I keep getting a shock when I walk around the corner and see them there because it’s been empty for so long now!

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