Puppy Collars

We had an extremely relaxing yet productive weekend. Saturday I cleaned the house. Amazing what a dog, a cat, a kitten and a Husband can do to make everything untidy. Then in the afternoon I decided it really was time to hit Ikea. I put it off last week due to the disastrous weather we had which I knew would make families galore flock there seeing there would be nothing else to do. Our beautiful weather this weekend made the trip seamless. I managed a car park within 30 seconds, negotiated the crowds with ease, picked up what I needed and got out of there all within an hour.

Sunday, we did have plans to go out for breakfast but two little kitties changed that by playing all night so we were too exhausted to even open our eyes before 10am. So, I ended up making scrambled eggs on garlic and parmesan rye washed down with cinnamon long blacks.

The rest of the day was spent doing the little jobs around the house that were always left with the “next time” tag. Well, next time was yesterday and we finally put the television in the lounge room on the wall. I hung two shield looking ornaments on the hallway wall. Completely de-cluttered the laundry and now we only have one litter tray in use. Cleaned out the two chest of drawers in my walk in robe (amazing how much STUFF you can accumulate).

While I was looking in the garage for a screwdriver I came across Jordan’s first ever collar and the second one we had to get him when he grew out of the first. I must admit I got a little teary by it all. He was so little when we brought him home. He was about the size of teacup chihuahua and now he weighs 30kgs. With everything that we have been through with him this year it was quite emotional but I am so happy that we still have them.

They now have a new home sitting on top of the new cabinet in the study and in front of my favourite photo of Jordan as a puppy.

*This post is part of Point + Shoot over at Fat Mum Slim.

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