Kitty Kongs

We are now going through the teething stage with Jasper. He is biting and chewing his way through everything, mainly our arms, hands, feet and legs. Jordan and Kobe don’t miss out either. They are in the firing line too!

On the weekend I kept thinking if Kong make durable dog toys so surely they make cats toys too. With a little research I found out they do. Next challenge was to find someone who stocked them. I have been doing the rounds of all the pet suppliers here and I had not seen one Kong toy for cats so I knew I had to drive a little further.

I drove South and stumbled across Petbarn. I was in awe at how well stocked they were with everything for cats, kitten, dogs, puppies, birds, fish, etc and also how well the store is set out. Each section is labelled specifically for what you are looking AND you can even take your dogs in with you!

They also stocked the Kong range for cats. The Husband couldn’t believe what and how much I purchased for the little monster but once I showed Jasper his new toys his little face lit up with joy. He has been dragging his blue mouse Hugga Wubba everywhere around the house. You know where Jasper is because you can hear the bell in the toy ringing as he’s wrestling it.

I have nothing but high praise for the Kong range.

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