Fabulous Fruity Figs

Two fruits that my Mother absolutely yearns for is figs and lychees. I remember as a child her eating bowls of both fruits however, my palette just couldn’t warm to them. I think more than anything watching her eat the skin of the fig made me shudder and the look of lychee just scared me.

A trip to Hong Kong made me completely change my mind and appreciate lychees. Who knew how wonderful a lychee could be smashed in to champagne and muddled in to vodka πŸ˜› I can now eat them fresh or straight out of the can.

Eating figs, though, took me through a whole new culinary experience. Fresh, cooked, sweet, savoury or spreadable as jam. This fruit is so versatile. The Husband, like how I used to feel, wasn’t too sure but at our engagement dinner I order figs wrapped in prosciutto with a gorgonzola cream sauce. He looked at my plate in compete awe yet disgust. I will give him kudos though, he tried it and he liked. Actually he loved and a new found love started for figs.

On the weekend we managed to get out hands on 3 plump and extremely fresh figs so Sunday morning we made semolina and heated the cut figs in spiced honey to drizzle over the top.

So easy to make…

Heat enough honey for 2 people on low heat and sprinkle in cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg or any spice to taste. Once runny, fold in chopped figs gently and simmer.

Make semolina as per packet instructions but make sure you don’t thicken too much as it will form in to clag past consistency which is a bit blergh.

Spoon semolina in to serving bowls and top with figs followed by the honey mixture.

The last time I made this I topped with toasted crushed nuts and to be honest I think pistachios would be perfect.

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2 thoughts on “Fabulous Fruity Figs

  1. Figs are delicious.
    My favourite experience of eating figs was straight off the tree at a villa in Ibiza I stayed at with friends last September … Nothing cures a night of partying like a bowl of fresh figs and scoop of natural yogurt πŸ™‚

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