Point + Shoot ~ Jordan & Jasper

My old boy is on the mend! This weekend showed that Jordan is definitely getting back to his normal ways eg begging for food, eating up a storm, barking at everyone and everything that moves out the front of our house and being lazy, sleeping in our bed.

The best news of all…his tumour was benign. I cried. I cried out of sheer joy that we will get a few more years of healthy living with him but I cried because what happened last week was a sign of what will come the day he leaves us. We brought Jordan home when he was 6 weeks old. A tiny little puppy smaller than a tea cup Chihuahua. He was the runt of the litter but his personality definitely was bigger than his size.

He is extremely protective yet nurturing and on Saturday afternoon I found him and Jasper asleep with each other. It was the cutest site and they were so comfortable together. Jasper has turned in to a real little monster lately and moves in cyclonic mode at the drop of a hat…or ball. Jordan has put up being used as a springboard many times or have his toes pinched by little vampire teeth but he just takes it.

He seriously is the most easy going dog. My wish is to have him around when we finally have a child because he is the most loving soul. Children have poked and prodded him many times and he just lies there. He is just so special.

*This post is part of Point + Shoot over at Fat Mum Slim. Pop on over and play along too.

5 thoughts on “Point + Shoot ~ Jordan & Jasper

  1. I know what its like to have a pet from a puppy and watch them grow old, they are like a member of your family you would do anything to make them better. So glad ole Jordan is on the mend x

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