When You Have a Bad Day

Look at that gorgeous face! I wish it looked like that yesterday 😦

My whole life came crashing down at about 4pm when we were told the word I never wanted to hear…tumor. I wanted to cry. Actually I wanted to scream but it really wasnt the place or time for it.

Our first born, our buddy, our baby was not well yesterday morning. He wouldn’t eat (big sign that something was wrong), he wouldn’t settle and he kept clenching his stomach in pain. He is such a strong dog that he tried not to show the pain but we knew. We took him to the vet first thing in the morning and they couldn’t find anything wrong with him so she did extensive blood tests which still didn’t give us enough answers so later that day we went back for x-rays and there on the screen showed us what we didn’t want to see. A big black mass on his spleen.

We made the short trip to the animal emergency so they could do an ultrasound to see the extent of it. From what she could see the tumor was bad and it needed to be removed which meant the spleen would have to go with it. Within a few hours we were sitting there being told our boy had to go in to surgery and then we were told the cost. For the first time in my life the dollars signs didn’t mean a thing. I wanted my boy well again and back to normal. She mentioned that they also needed to do a chest x-ray to make sure it hadn’t travelled. Thankfully he received the all clear.

We were sent home and told to wait until they called. Those next hours were the longest I have ever experienced. I re-cleaned the house just to get my mind off things but seeing his bed, even bits of his fur made me cry. My boy needed to beat this and he did. The phone call came at 11:30pm to say that they got the spleen out and all of the tumor. We cried some more.

The vet called this morning to say we could see him so we made the mad dash. There sitting in a big cage was a face just staring at us with the “let’s go home” look. He looked amazing. For a dog who had been through an ordeal like he had, he was a completely different dog. The vet’s even commented with how strong he is. My boy is a champion!

He will be in the hospital for 48 hours and the tests results will hopefully be back on Wednesday so we aren’t out of the woods yet but the Dr’s are still pretty positive.

I know that being 12 years of age it’s nearly his time. I thought I loved him too much before but now I realise how much he means to us and we will do everything in our power to make him live his life to the fullest.

3 thoughts on “When You Have a Bad Day

  1. Oh Britt, I cry with you….thank goodness you acted quickly and had a vet who was ‘on the ball’….
    Yes, isn’t it funny, when it comes to our pets and their healing money means nothing, all that matters is that they are healed and life can get back to normal…..
    Sending speedy recovery wishes and BIG puppy dog ♥hugs♥ to Jordan, here’s hoping he’s back home with Mum and Dad and his feline siblings very soon…


  2. Britt I can feel the pain, and the love in your words. He is your boy, your world, and he is so lucky to have such amazing parents in you and E.

    I hate that anyone has to go through that horrible feeling of having a sick pet.

    Jordan has so many people behind him (and of course you as well!), and I hope withe every fibre of my being that he has some amazing years left.

    Much love (and pats!) xo

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