Sleep Is For The Weak

Or so I thought!

I love my sleep. I could sleep all day. This past week and a half, however, I have not slept at all. It’s amazing what having a new addition to the family can do to you. I now completely understand what new Mother’s go through BUT being a new Mum does not entail you to work full-time as well look after the baby!

Surviving on 4 hours sleep a night and only 1 meal a day for 7 days took its toll on me last week and I broke down. I cried over Kobe using Jasper’s litter tray and because he is too big for it he pee’d all over the floor. I didn’t cry over spilt milk, I cried over wee! Does not scream out that I just needed to sleep!!!

I am wondering if this is the Universes way of seeing if I can cope with a baby…or 2?

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