Point + Shoot ~ Jasper

Like any new parent, the camera is out and we are snap happy with the new bundle of monster joy!

The weekend was filled with kitty runs (the type coming out of the bottom) which meant a lot of tissue wiping, running to the laundry to make sure he used the litter tray, medicine taking, play time, feeding and as much sleep as possible. I tried to get as much cleaning done as possible without waking him so he would sleep through the night, so I could get sleep too.

Yesterday he had his first couple of hours at home by himself and the little champion made it. he was confined to the main bathroom with his bed, food, water and a litter tray. When we opened the bathroom door to check he was ok when we got home, there were a pair of little eyes looking at us while he was concentrating on doing his ‘business’.

All in all he is settling in very well and managing to sleep at least 7 hours through the night as well as keeping us all entertained with his little antics.

*This is part of Point + Shoot over Fat Mum Slim. Pop on over and play along too!

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