Sucker Written on My Forehead?

Seriously, I think I do!

Yesterday afternoon while in the pet produce shop next to our office, one of the owners walked up to me, handed me a little black ball of fluff and asked if I could hold it for a little while. It took one look at me with its big vibrant blue eyes and cried.

The poor little thing had been found near an Army Barracks and they brought it in to see if the produce shop could do something with it. One problem being it would have to be at least 4 weeks of age, far too young to be sold just yet. So, I told them I would take it home over night to properly care and nurture it.


Jordan thought that he, as we soon found out, was the best present we could ever give him. Kobe on the other hand growled, hissed and snarled at the poor little thing, possibly killing every little one of his brain cells with his bad breath.

He ate like a champion and cat napped for a while until he actually passed out for 5 hours straight. I woke every hour to check on him and to make sure he wasn’t hungry. At 4 am I woke to pair of little eyes staring at him and as soon as he noticed I was awake there were scream of delight because it meant he was going to be fed…again! From 4am to 5am I fed and played with him before I was far too exhausted to even sit up. So, I grabbed his blanket and let him sleep with me. He amused himself for a little while before going to sleep.

Right now he is at work with me, fast asleep in his blanket in a box. He is such a happy little thing but I cannot stress right now the importance of desexing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If the man who brought him in wasn’t so kind, this little kitten could be dead. If the Mother had been desexed in the first place I wouldn’t be worrying about the little fluff ball and trying to find a home for him. I know I will eventually find a home for him and he will bring such joy to someone but desexing is so important to stop these chain of events.

Must go now, it’s feeding time again!

5 thoughts on “Sucker Written on My Forehead?

  1. I love your passion and love for animals πŸ™‚

    What a cutie-pie and I bet it will be fun watching him get more and more personality (how seriously cute are kittens!)

    And great point on the desexing.


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