Before & After ~ Formal Living Area

I have finally managed to get 1 room in order without a Husband or an animal changing the effort I have put in to it. This room, on the plan, is classified as a formal living area but to us it was just a space off the main entry/hallway between the dining room and the internal garage door.

We purchased the ‘cocoon’ chairs quite a while ago and they have sat in a blank room with the bookcase for far too long. So, here is a list of the new items:

  • –Suede look 2 seater lounge
  • Ottoman
  • Rug
  • 5 x cushions
  • Large bowl on ottoman with round decorative balls & sticks
  • Floor lamp (taken from living area)
  • 3 x new candles in white (in 3 x cut outs in wall)
  • New paint to cut outs in wall (in green to match feature wall in living area)
  • Decorative vase (in cut out at front of the room)

I am so happy with the finished product as it finally looks like a usable room even though Kobe is really the only one to appreciate it. Hence why there is plastic wrapped around the ‘cocoon’ chairs as his little claws tend to have fun ripping the wicker apart!!! Every time I take the plastic off he claws again. I put it back on and he stops!

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