Point + Shoot ~ Cat’s Life!

When I die I want to come back as one of my animals! Our dog has the best life but our cat definitely has THE life. We all bow to his every demand, including the dog.

Like I said I would, I spent the weekend moving furniture around and going through what was staying and what we would say goodbye to. I was going to start taking after photos but it seemed that every room I finished was then thrown in to sudden chaos by the Husband. *Note: move 52″ television from lounge room to bedroom but bracket is too small for said television so said television is now sitting in the middle of the floor with screwdrivers, etc. One eBay purchase later and hopefully by the end of the week I will have the appropriate bracket seeing I spent all yesterday afternoon searching for one. Come on people, in today’s society bigger is better. Why don’t you have brackets for our television??? Rant over!

Last night, just as I was switching off all the lights to go to bed, I found Kobe asleep on the new lounge in our bedroom. This has become his spot now and as per usual he has made himself extremely comfortable.

You can play along over at Fat Mum Slim as well!

6 thoughts on “Point + Shoot ~ Cat’s Life!

  1. Kobe certainly looks comfy……Re: the bracket for your TV….Did you try The Good Guys – my son recently bought a 62″ 3D and needed a new bracket and got his from TGG”s…..said they were really reasonably priced too….Too late for you now I guess seeing you have sourced one on eBay but maybe keep in mind incase there’s a next time…

    • As soon as I took the pic he went back to sleep!
      I looked in all the big name places and even rang a couple so they must be all sold out at the moment??? Thanks though for the heads up! jealous about your son’s 3D TV 🙂

  2. Oh he is just so cute!!! Cat’s seriously lead a good life. Well, the ones that were/are part of mine and my friends families!!

    The couch looks lovely under him too 🙂

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  4. cats defnitly like the best seats that is for sure my mates dog jack is like that he trys to nick my seat whaen i go into the kitchen then he growls when i try to move him cats arnt like that they like to be held

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