Point + Shoot ~ Adelaide Central Market

I have just spent the weekend in my home town of Adelaide and on Friday, just gone, my Aunty asked me if I would like to join her and my Nanna for a morning at the Adelaide Central Market. I jumped at the chance seeing I hadn’t been there for years.

The smells, the sights, the sounds all brought back memories of when I was child trying to push my way through the crowds following my Mum and Nanna while they gathered the fresh fruit and vegetables for our weekly meals. Hearing the men yell out their specials still makes me laugh as they try to compete with other. The pungent smell of fresh fish still lingers but the aroma of freshly roasted nuts makes my mouth water.

Today though, it’s a little bit different. The building itself is still them same, as Adelaide has a habit of restoring it’s beautiful old heritage buildings and not knocking things down, but the food stalls are up to date with current trends of people’s tastes and desires. I have never so many coffee, bread and cheese stalls. I was in heaven!

The biggest shock though was the size of the apricots that they had. Have a look a the bunch of grapes at the bottom of the photo to get an understanding of the size difference. They were nearly 3 times the size of the apricots we have been getting here in Queensland.

The highlight of my day was seeing that the flower stall was still there. Bunches of freshly cut flowers at bargain prices. Well, bargain to me as flowers here aren’t the cheapest.

I really do miss the Central Market. It is in the perfect location right in the heart of the city and attracts all sorts of people from every walk of life. Even though we were there on a week day it still had the buzz I remember but this time I could walk at my own pace and enjoy every aspect of my surroundings.

*This post is part of Point + Shoot. You can play along too over at Fat Mum Slim!

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