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I have always loved architecture and interior design/decorating. I was an art and design student at school and managed to have the opportunity to either get in to Visual Arts and/or Interior Design as my University degrees. However, I was not ready to go straight from school in to uni so I took a year off and dabbled in part-time study and work. As you can gather I never did get to uni to do Interior Design as my life took a whole new route and I moved to Queensland!

Working in Real Estate my whole life is revolved around properties. We eat, live, breath what we do so I am constantly around everything to do with architecture, building, interior design and decorating. Every day I am always looking for new ideas for my own home AND as everyone knows the internet is the frist place to look.

I follow quite a few design and decorating blogs, either from professionals of people renovating their own homes. One of my favourite would have to be a blog I found my clicking on someone’s blog then clicking on another link and so on, so I can’t actually remember how I found her blog in the first place.

Isabella & Max Rooms is an inspirational blog of endless amounts of articles, DIY projects and photos. Janell’s blog has become a one-stop-shop for me to get lost in ideas of what I could do with my own home. She was even featured on Oprah’s website!

I highly recommend that you pop on over to Isabella & Max Rooms and check out Janell’s has blog.

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