Queensland is Under Water

“It might be breaking our hearts at the moment, but it will not break our will” ~ Anna Bligh, Queensland Premier.

Toowoomba Main Street

With 8 people confirmed dead and 72 missing, I have never seen anything like this in the 12 1/2 years that I have lived here. We all just sit here and watch the news or listen to the radio in complete and utter shock. How could something so devastating as this happen to my beautiful state that I live in???

It seems like every 5 minutes there is something new posted on news sites, twitter, the radio, television, every form of communication telling us that more water is coming and which town/suburb is to evacuate.

The one thing that is affecting me the most is the poor defenseless animals stuck in the middle of all this and the pet owners who have no choice but to leave them.

Please, if you can, do your bit to help these people who need our help by donating through the following:

Queensland Government Flood Relief Appeal

RSPCA Flood Crisis Appeal





*All photos care of ninemsn

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