Point + Shoot 24 ~ Dinner for 4.5

Don’t you just love it when you have  friend’s that you know you can ring any time of the day to say “let’s go eat” and you know that they will jump at the chance straight away and will eat whatever you eat (which in our case is anything and everything).

Well, we are lucky to have 2 people in our lives just like that! On Saturday night the Husband called said friend’s to see what they were doing for dinner and within an hour they popped around to pick us up and we were off to the Marriott for a seafood buffet dinner.

Apart from the Marriott always serving scrumptuous food, their flower displays are always breathtaking. We could smell the lillies in the above photo as soon as we stepped out of the lift in to the lobby.

Their Christmas display was so pretty with the colour scheme being ice blue and white with twinkling lights but for January it’s fresh tropical colours, perfect for lifting our dull weather at the moment.

*You can play along too over at Fat Mum Slim with this weeks Point + Shoot.

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