An Early Christmas Present

I love my little MacBook Pro but most days it just cannot cope with the amount of programs I have open to do my work and to be honest when I’m editing photos, it’s just not big enough.

I have had my eye on an iMac for a while now and we made the decision on the weekend that it was time to add one to the family.

Fortunately for us we have a close friend who works for Apple so organising our new toy was not hard at all. Only issue was I knew he would make all the staff cheer for us upon our “walk of fame” out of the store. I made the Husband carry the box out as I ran for the door. Problem was the store was so full and the Husband being his typical self cheered along with everyone. We even got stares out of the store. I was mortified and I was bright red!

However, unpacking my new purchase and setting it up made up for the humiliation. I now have 27 inches of computer sitting proudly on my desk.

Pop on over to Fat Mum Slim to check out everyone else’s contribution to this weeks Point + Shoot.

2 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Present

  1. Ohhhhh ahhhhhh! How gorgeous!!

    That is hilarious about the cheering, I can just imagine you trying to make a run for it! At least it would have entertained the other customers!

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