The Delicious Miss Dahl

Even though I have never been to the UK (I do plan to get there one day though) I have a huge affinity for the place. My heritage is English. My maternal Great-Grandparents are from Kent and my Mother’s maiden name is derived from a town there. I have basically grown up in an “English” way from food to the way we talk and the things we do so it’s only natural that one day I would love to see where my ancestors were from.

Which also leads me to the fact that I love watching UK television programs, especially about food. In our household we are avid Jamie Oliver fans, completely blown away by Heston Blumenthal, inspired yet admittedly scared of Marco Pierre White, intrigued with Gordon Ramsay plus having a crush on Nigella Lawson who is without a doubt my favourite of them all. However, when I heard that Sophie Dahl was bringing out her own cookbooks and television show I was a little bit excited.

Apart from Nigella, Sophie exudes the epitome of English chic to me and to watch her program instills it even more. They way her face lights up when she talks about her Grandparents, explaining her childhood memories and they way she indulges in her cooking ~ oooh, this girl just has IT! She has certainly come a long way from her early modelling days and has turned in to a beautiful woman. I can’t believe I am sounding like a ‘Nanna’ saying that seeing we are the same age 🙂

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