The Gift of Giving

I finally braved the crowds and started my Christmas shopping on the weekend. I must admit, it wasn’t as bad as what I thought it would be. I managed to get car parks straight away and everyone seemed to be experiencing Christmas cheer, even though we are in peak tourist time here.

My Mother’s presents are all taken care of. This year, she has been the easiest to buy for. My Husband and Brother, on the other, hand have been not so easy. I did, in the end find something for my Brother but was getting to the point where I just could not be bothered to price match. However, the wonderful assistant I spoke to offered to do the ringing around for me and price matched his gift. Bonus! Here’s hoping he likes it.

With presents in hand I made my home and wrapped as many as I could before the Husband came home. One of his was in the pile. It’s amazing how having wrapped presents under the tree makes it seem more like Christmas. I just hope that little furry feet with very sharp claws doesn’t think it’s his right to open them on our behalf.

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