When we brought home our new iPad I sat and played for hours before I realised how handy it was going to be for cooking and following recipes. I don’t like setting my laptop up on the kitchen bench while I’m cooking and my iPhone is far too small but the iPad is perfect. Only problem being was I needing to rest it on something so I could read it properly instead of laying it flat.

The search was on!

I hit the Apple store and yes they did have what I was looking but I wanted something a bit more…ummm…feminine and cooking-like. I went from shop to shop in search for the perfect holder and stumbled across some in Typo.

They come in either Black, White or Red with a price tag half of the stands sold as actual computer accessories. I wanted it in white but I gather the majority of shoppers wanted that colour too as I could not find one so I have to suffice with black.

I am now able to have my recipes open in eye level while I cook!

2 thoughts on “Cook

  1. Oh Britt, it sounds exactly what I’m looking for….I almost bought the apple iPad dock but to me it seemed top heavy when the iPad was actually sitting on the dock…I’ll have to go and check it out at Typo.

    Until you mentioned Typo I had never heard of it but the strangest thing happened…..I’ve been looking after my Grandchildren while my Daughter in Law went off to Robina to shop and meet a friend for coffee – I started this reply and my DIL arrived home, when she came in she was carrying a big paper bag with Typo stamped on the front – coincidence don’t you think?

    • You must check it out! didn’t like the ‘authentic’ one’s as 1. they were heavy like you said and 2. a lot of money to be honest 😛
      Hahaha see we started something…you must go and get one too!

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