Point + Shoot ~ Lights

It took me 2 days to put up our Christmas tree!

With a glass of wine in one hand, which I think was my demise in the first place, I pulled out the Christmas tree and unravelled the lights. When I purchased the lights I wanted to make sure that the tree would twinkle all over. Fantastic when you first use them from the box, second time not so good. It took me 2 hours to twist and turn my way out of a ‘rats nest’ eventually laying them all out the length of our house…and then back again!

350 twinkling little white lights were perfectly laid out on the floor much to our animals joy. Kobe thought they were awesome when they turned to ‘chaser’. Jordan on the other hand found it a bit boring after a while and flopped himself in the middle of it all.

With help from the Husband, we finally managed to get them all on the tree evenly.



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2 thoughts on “Point + Shoot ~ Lights

  1. you dog looks rather twinkley! šŸ™‚

    Im being a scrooge this year, i had the same problem with my lights and after hours of trying to untangle them and getting no where they ended up in the trash, it was mission impossible, so this year we have no lights on the tree. šŸ˜¦

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