It’s That Time Again

Where I torment my animals photograph my boys for our yearly Christmas cards.

I spent the morning searching for a few more outfits as I really wanted a Santa suit for Kobe and I ended up finding one. He was determined for me NOT to put the pants on him but he sufficed with the jacket and hat until he begged his ‘Daddy’ for us to stop. Jordan on the other hand couldn’t care less what we were doing. He just enjoyed the Schmackos!

After about an hour of costume changes, balancing acts and running around the house grabbing the cat and making him sit still, I managed to get some perfect shots that I am so happy with.

It definitely was a funny afternoon with plenty of belly laughs, on my boys behalf.

Pop on over to Fat Mum Slim to see the other entrants of this weekends Point & Shoot!

7 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again

  1. Love it. I tried this once with my two dogs. BIG FAIL, I couldn’t even get them next to each other, let alone with Christmas gear on!
    Last year my daughter had just turned one and I thought YIPEE I’ll dress her up and use her for Christmas cards. MASSIVE FAIL. She cried from the second I dressed her and turned on the flashing lights until I undressed her and she was her normal happy self.
    Go Figure
    Would love to see the final result

  2. Hi I saw your photo on point and shoot and had to open and have a laugh. Thats the best idea Iv heard for chrissy cards yet. Makes me wish I had a puppy, my fish wont stay still long enough to don a santa hat!

  3. I change the “theme” every year. One year I had Jordan photographed with Santa which was a hit. The only problem is, once you start everyone expects them every year so I can’t just buy cards anymore 😛

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