I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

Apart from chocolate mousse, one of my favourite desserts would have to be ice cream. I have loved it ever since I was a child and I cannot get enough of it.

The Husband was telling me the other night that he found a few recipes for sorbet’s that he would like to make but can never get it ‘creamy’ like they do in restaurants, so I told him that we needed an ice cream maker *hint hint*.

I jumped on the internet, as one does when the Husband is fresh with information that will make him happy and found a few websites that had reasonable prices but I thought I could do better. I could either get an actual ice cream maker or I could just buy the attachment for my KitchenAid

When I purchased my KitchenAid and found out that there was an ice cream bowl attachment I screamed with delight. I could make any flavour of ice cream that I desired, made in my own kitchen. Now, I have had my little kitchen helper for a while now and still haven’t gotten around to buying the ice cream attachment. However, Peter’s of Kensington sent out a little eNewsletter last night with KitchenAid being the highlight.

Click, awesome price found = SOLD!

We now have on its way one KitchenAid Ice Cream Bowl. Once it gets here I will definitely be blogging our creations so stay tuned!

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