Desexing IS Essential

They are cute, aren’t they!

You can imagine my surprise when I photographed a property and saw these two little furry bundles suckling on their Mother in one of the bedrooms. The Mother was extremely affectionate. Purring the whole time while I ooohed and ahhhed over her babies. They were both feeding well and she herself was in good condition.


The animal activist side of me came out and I seriously wanted to give the owner a mouthful educate the owner and tell him that he has now contributed to an issue that will not cease until responsible pet owners take action and have their pets desexed from an early age!

In 2009/2010 4037 cats/kittens were surrendered to the Animal Welfare League on the Gold Coast and 5810 dogs/puppies.

Would you want to see this little face as part of those statistics???

Why Desexing is Essential*

Desexing is beneficial for all cats, both cherished pets and managed cat colonies. It is also beneficial for humans by minimising cat related problems. Ideally cats should be desexed when they are 6 months old.

  • Desexing prevents the breeding of unwanted kittens. There are not enough homes for all kittens, and many end up being killed in animal shelters (see below: Unwanted kittens)
  • Desexing stops annoying mating behaviour, such as the foul smell of spraying by toms, and cat-calling over mates at night. With females not coming into season, it eliminates the many visiting tom cats that would otherwise have called.
  • Desexing stops mating fights and the inevitable abscesses that result from bites and scratches. Desexing reduces the risk of diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases are eliminated, and cats have better immunity because they are in better condition. Females are not run down by producing and feeding kittens, and males are not run down by continual fighting.
  • Desexing stops cats from wandering in search of mates. Cats are then easier to bring inside for the night, and they are less likely to be hit by a car or to cause any disturbance in the neighbourhood.
  • Desexing prevents cats from being much trouble to anyone

* Excerpt taken from C.A.T.S.Inc

The AWL is currently on a mission in Getting to Zero to achieve zero killing of healthy and treatable cats and dogs. I strongly urge you to read these website for an a better understanding on why it is important to desex your animals before it gets out of hand.

3 thoughts on “Desexing IS Essential

  1. I completely agree with this. Those kitties are gorgeous, the mum and the babies.

    My family have had several cats during my life and we would never consider not having them desexed. I really wish everyone felt the same way, that owning a pet is a responsibility, and desexing them is part of that. It is amazingly rewarding, but still a big responsibility.

    AWL do such fantastic work, I hope more people get on board with their campaign.

  2. We have had each and everyone of our kitties desexed, I wouldn’t even think twice about it. It is now mandatory to get your cats registered in QLD & if your cat is desexed it’s cheaper so they are finding ways to make people do it!

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