Getting A Little Crafty

With Christmas fast upon us I thought I would start to get jiggy with it! You see last year I was basically the Grinch and didn’t want to know about it let alone even send out a Christmas card.

I am now back in to the swing of things and really getting in to the Christmas spirit.

While reading Better Homes and Gardens Magazine I saw a gorgeous idea of using battery operated lights wrapped around an orb.

It was so easy to make. All you need is:
2 x hanging wire planter baskets (I purchased mine from Bunnings)
1 x can of silver spray paint
1 x bag of clear plastic cable ties
Battery operated Christmas lights (I purchased mine from Bunnings and there are 56 lights in total)

Spray paint the wire baskets silver and allow to dry. Cable tie them together to form an orb. Wrap the lights around the orb and cable tie in place. Sit battery operator inside the bottom part of the orb.

I have mine hanging in our alfresco area so we can see it lit up at night. It would also be a cute idea for a children’s bedroom too.

I have entered this post as part of Fat Mum Slim‘s Point & Shoot. Pop on over and take a look at all the fabulous entries.

4 thoughts on “Getting A Little Crafty

    • I’m going to up the anti though as I have found 100 lights to put around it instead 😛 going to be fun taking all of those off and putting the new ones on but it will be worth it when I’m finished!!!

  1. That is a very cool idea.

    I am not much in the Christmas spirit this year, I think coz I spent the last month stressing about a big trade show I had to run by myself. But now it’s over I am still having trouble getting in the spirit. I think I need to put up some lights, hopefully that will help.

    • And don’t you feel bad about it? I felt like I was doing the wrong thing about not getting in to the spirit last year but it just wasn’t there. Putting up the lights though has gotten me so excited about putting up the tree in a few days 🙂

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