Trick or Treat

Yesterday was Halloween and Jordan was ready! With every knock on our front door he would bark with excitement and race out to greet every ghoul, monster and fairy that was waiting on our door step.

After the first group left he sat and waited in the hallway for the next in anticipation. Then the Husband decided that Jordan should dress up too. Luckily I had an old sheet ready for the bin so he cut it up and turned Jordan in to a ghost dog. Some of the kids were shocked when they saw him and the parents thought it was awesome.

Every trick or treater that came to our home was extremely thankful for their chocolates and lollies but were more engrossed in Jordan, with many wanting to take him with them.

Jordan loved all the pats he received and to be able run around with them all. I think he enjoyed Halloween this year more than all of us!

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