It’s Raining Again!

Now I bet you can’t get that song out of your head because I’ve been singing it ALL night long!

The weekend was absolutely perfect, weather wise. The sun was shining. I had to shave my legs and pull out the fake tan because it was so warm that shorts were in order. I even painted my toe nails 😛 We all felt alive again!

However, last night the rain came back again and this time it brought thunder, lightening and wind with it 😦 I should have seen the warning sign from my weather reporter eg Jordan the dog. He was following me around the house all morning panting and shaking like a leaf. These are the tell-tale signs that a storm is brewing. I just didn’t think he would predict it 7 hours beforehand!

It came upon us extremely fast. The rain hit hard then the lightning and thunder started. Unfortunately, we had to drive home a friend’s house in it and the wind was picking up the rain and throwing it across the highway. It looked like we were driving through a river.

When we finally arrived home I looked out the back doors and the above photo shows how powerful the rain was pouring off our roof and it was loud.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Raining Again!

  1. …and Boy it came down yesterday (Monday) too…..I left home mid morning in sunshine and soon after arriving at the Town Centre the heavens opened up once again – could hardly hear myself think there at one stage…..

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