Watch This Space Revealed!

You may remember in August I mentioned that there was going to be a little change happening??? Well I can now reveal what that change is!

I follow the very stylish Nikki Parkinson’s Blog, Styling You and signed up to become a Guest Blogger/Reviewer. One night while sitting on the couch watching the news I happened to pick up my phone and check my emails and there was one from Nikki asking if anyone would like to review Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

For as long as I can remember I have dreamt of having the hair that I had as a child/early teen and I emailed her straight back saying that I would love to have the chance. I don’t know how many times I hit refresh on my emails that night but I got the email to say that I had been chosen. I was ecstatic!!!

You can read about the whole process HERE

4 thoughts on “Watch This Space Revealed!

    • I was waiting for you to post the review so I could post about it and link to it 🙂 still in love with my hair and all is going so well!

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