“Make a Wish” Pendant

It has taken me nearly 3 years but I finally found a pendant for our dining room! And this was actually the second purchase.

As I have mentioned before I can shop up a storm on impulse but when I know what I want, I can never find it. The problem was, I was searching for something to blend with the centrepiece I had on the table and was not looking at the bigger picture.

Every time I visited Ikea I would walk past the Maskros Pendant Lamp and drool. It reminded me of my childhood. I was in love but to be honest the light is huge and would have taken up half the dining room. On Sunday I decided it was time for an Ikea trip. The only way to coax the Husband to go is to dangle the food options in front of him. We could have breakfast, walk around and then he can have his $1 hotdog. SOLD!

Little did he realise the $2.95 breakfast was soon to become a $295 spending spree.

As we were making our way through the first floor layouts I spotted it. Hanging from the ceiling was the Maskros Pendant and right next to it was one half its size. At first I thought may be they had cut the wires to make it smaller but upon closer inspection it was in fact smaller in size and had its own price tag. JACKPOT!

I made purchase, raced home and got it installed.

I am so happy with it and the flower centerpiece I used to have on the table now has a new home on the hallway stand.

3 thoughts on ““Make a Wish” Pendant

    • It’s the smaller version so there were only 84 bits to clip on as opposed to 50,000 😛 it did take a while so I’d hate to see how long the big one takes!!!

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