Paw Prints

These are the little feet that:

✿ stroke my hair every morning

✿ run through the house every single time after going to the toilet

✿ scratch the rattan chairs (not too happy about that one)

✿ tap me on the shoulder, whilst in bed, to roll over so he can have cuddles

✿ terrorise Jordan by slapping him on the face and grabbing his feet (Jordan provokes him though)

✿ poke you in the mouth if you yawn

✿ pound on the door to be let out

✿ dig their way under the blankets when cold

✿ opens doors

✿ ransacks your drawers if left open enough for him to get in to them

✿ open dog food packets if left in his sight

✿ plays a tag team effort with the dog in stealing sandwiches

✿ scales the fence when being extremely naughty

✿ are attached to the body who owns every inch of the house including Jordan’s bed!

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