Lazy Rainy Sunday

What does one do on a rainy Sunday? If you are Jordan then you go back to bed!

Yesterday it rained all day long. Trust it to happen on the day that I wanted to get stuck on to the garden. Not something that I usually want to do as I am not a green thumb at all but seeing our neighbours have finished their front yard, it is now making ours look a little sad and unloved.

Every time I tried to tidy the house I was either left with wet foot prints on the floor or a body in the way of where I wanted to clean. The weather was so miserable that I had a Husband with extreme hayfever sneezing all over the place, a whinging cat and an unhappy lazy dog.

Oh and to top it off I have just realised the dangers of shopping. While in a fitting room armed with too many shopping bags, I opened the door on my little toe. I don’t know if I have broken it but it is black and in a lot of pain!

I hope every one else’s weekend was much better than ours 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Lazy Rainy Sunday

  1. Ouch for your toe!

    We spent our rainy Sunday painting the house extension – it was nice and cosy enjoying the view from our new deck!

  2. He was never allowed on the bed until the last couple months as he is now getting older (he’s 12) and I can’t bare to not let him seeing the cat is allowed 😛

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