The Importance of Microchips

Meet the gorgeous young man who I saved last year from months of turmoil away from his Mum.

I had to pick up the Husband from the our office one night so I decided to take Jordan with him so he could have a run around while we were waiting. I took him out to grassed area next to our office and off he went on a sniffing expedition which lead to him finding this little guy. Growing up with a cat has made Jordan extremely calm around them and he didn’t think twice. All he wanted to do was sniff him. The little guy ran straight up to me and meowed constantly. I tell from first looking at him that he must have been starving and the pet produce store next door to us was shut so I could only find left over rice in the fridge which he gobbled down so quickly. The bowl of milk I gave him was also gone in seconds.

I couldn’t take him home with me because I knew Kobe would have a few words about it so I made him a make shift litter tray, left out some milk and rice and left him in the office over night.

I arrived at the office at the next morning at 6:30am to a little white face staring at me through the glass front doors. Armed with a pack of dry food, I entered the office to cries of delight. From the look of him you could tell he had not eaten a decent meal in weeks. His fur was dry and so dirty. Not only did his size stand out to me, if nourished he would definitely weigh more than my boy at 6.5kg, as he was a very big cat in stature but he had one green eye and one blue.

Once the pet produce store opened I asked to borrow a cat/dog carrier so I could take him to the Animal Welfare League. It was then that I found out he had been roaming around our building for a week. Why no one had done anything is beyond me but they thought he was new to the area.

He was so relaxed in the car during the 25 minute drive and when we finally arrived at our destination allowed me to hold him like a baby as the girls checked him over. He was desexed and a wave of relief came over all of us when we heard the beep of the transmitter to check for the microchip. A little bit of hope that if is owners had gone to all that trouble then he may have a home?

I left my details with the girls at the AWL as I didn’t want to leave him there if his owners were untraceable but by the time I had driven back to the office my phone rang. They had found his owner and she had already come and got him. I had tears of joy and I was told that his Mum was a complete and utter mess. She cried when they gave her the news and she was crying as she picked him.

This gorgeous boy had been missing for 3 month from his home located about 15 minutes from our office. How he managed to get himself to our area is beyond me but out of all this I can sit here with a big smile on my face that we a happy ending and that his responsible owners had him microchipped.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Microchips

  1. What a wonderful story! It makes me so happy when someone who truly loves their pet is reunited with then when they are lost.

    You are such a wonderful person for getting him home safely 🙂 I am sure the owner would agree!

  2. I was so worried they were never come and get him because I have no idea what I would have done with him 🙂 I was so relieved to hear that she went straight away to get him. He was such a gorgeous little soul!

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