Tropic Thunder

That’s what it seriously feels like right now here. The weather is putrid balmy. The sort of weather we experience in December. The weather reports told us that we were to expect a storm yesterday, which did hit my house in the form of a downpour but we received nothing where I work – only 20 minutes North.

Today, however, the thunder and rain has arrived. I usually love this type of weather – in South Australia. To me, it is the perfect time to be rugged up on the lounge watching DVD’s all day. Not here in Queensland though. This is put your air-conditioning on and prepare for your windows to fog up and then drip. Your hair to go flat and lifeless or curl to the extreme. Colds and flu’s to hit in Summer from going in out of extreme temperatures.

I gather our “tropical” time of the year has come a few month early this year!

2 thoughts on “Tropic Thunder

  1. Yeah, I can see where DVD viewing would be recommended during that type of weather. Fortunately, the flat hair thing is not something that I need to be concerned with anymore–one benefit of aging.

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