Blog This Challenge 56: Photography – Sky

Blog This Challenge 56: Sky – We all live under the same sky but every place looks different… Take a photo of the sky where u live and show us what you look at each day! It can be the moon, the stars, sunrise, sunset, clouds – anything!

I’ve mentioned many times that we live extremely close to a National Park/State Forest. I love living here. I love that we are still so close to the beach yet we are in the peace and quiet of nature. The only problem I do have where we are situated is the likelihood of bush fires.

A few years ago, when we were still living in our previous house over the other side of our estate, we experienced the worst fire I have ever seen, in person. We were surrounded by it. Sparks had flown from where it was burning, past our neighbours house, hitting our front yard and burning down our fence. Fortunately no homes were lost but listening the trees crack and burn through the night was the most eeriest feeling.

Last year we unfortunately had 2 fires in our part of the suburb, within weeks of each other.

This is a few days before:

This is the fire burning:

In the before photo you can see where the forest edge starts. That is how close we are hence the reason for the abundance of wildlife that visit our home every day. We are so lucky to live we are but watching the fire burn that night made me realise how quickly it can all be gone within seconds.

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