Conversations With God…I Mean My Husband!

Courtesy of we♥it

My Husband has a wicked sense of humour. He is extremely quick off the mark and loves to make comments that leave people thinking.

Some times I wonder how we find anything to talk about when we are alone together, seeing we are with each other nearly 24/7 but we do! There is not a lot of quiet time. Only when we sleep. But when we do talk there is a lot of emotion.

The other night, while sitting on the couch watching television, he decides that it is time to have a conversation right in the middle of my program. This seems to happen quite a bit, as he just can’t seem to keep his mouth shut while I am trying to relax. I was starting to get annoyed that he was just ranting and raving over things that were completely irrelevant to anything that was happening at that time. Then he started “blowing his trumpet”, which is not unusual, over something that he had achieved and I hadn’t.

Me: Who died and made you God?

Him: Commonwealth Bank Gold Mastercard

*Note: there have been many times he has threatened to cancel the Mastercard due to my spending. To be honest, if he has to do that then he obviously needs to make more money 😛 but I will let him continue to think that he has the upper hand of God just to make him feel better!!!

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