Gadget Girl

I am not going to lie to you, I love gadgets! I am a sucker for anything new and to make matters worse so is the Husband.

We are now a complete Mac household. I purchased my MacBook Pro a few years ago and have now managed to convert my Husband. We both have iPhone’s and we are also proud iPad owner’s. When I received a phone call from my phone carrier a few months ago to say that my contract was soon coming to an end and that I was able to upgrade my phone I wanted to jump at the chance. However, I thought I might wait it out until the iPhone 4 was released.

I waited and now I have it in my hot little hand.

From the moment I pressed the button on the sleek screen it was love at first sight. My previous iPhone and I had a bit of love/hate relationship by the end as it took what seemed like forever for it to “wake up”. I was not the only one having this issue and it was extremely frustrating. However, my new phone now “wakes” instantly and at every touch it does what it is supposed to. The screen is amazingly crystal clear and the all over quality of the phone is superior to the previous models.

To say that I am over the moon with this phone is an understatement!

6 thoughts on “Gadget Girl

  1. We are a gadget loving ‘Mac’ family too – completed last month when Hubby gave me an iPad for my Birthday….don’t you just ♥ the iPad?…….

  2. Lib, if you are wanting an iPhone, and Britt doesn’t want to get rid of hers, I have my old one to get rid of.

    Oh, I just worked out who I can do facetime with now! Yay to iPhone4’s

  3. Depends on who you are with but they do have plans for the iPhones which include the data costs. I am on a new plan and for $79 I get $800 worth of calls/sms/mms/international sms and data I can’t for the life of me remember the limit but I never reach it. Oh and it includes FB 😛

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