Moroccan Pouffes

I am a very talented impulse shopper! I can spend money, and lots of it, at the drop of the hat only if it’s not planned. I was doing a great deal of “research” (randomly searching the web) last week and came across Table Tonic. I had read about the website in magazines and on friend’s blogs but had never clicked on it before.

There on the first page I saw the Moroccan Pouffes. Even more exciting…there was an apple green one in stock.

Purchased, packaged and received!

I came home Monday night to my package waiting for me. The Husband eagerly awaiting me to open it, rolling his eyes at another random purchase but he actually thought it was cute. He did question where I was going to put it, to which I replied that I didn’t know but that’s not the point here.

I just need purchase the fill for it and pray that little kitty claws don’t touch it!

4 thoughts on “Moroccan Pouffes

  1. Ha Ha… too… A rolls his eyes when he sees me walk in with a box of something. I am currently waiting on a chandlier silhouette to stick on the wall, I have NFI where I’ll put it, but I’ll worry about that when it arrives.

    • Yes, I could only get it in green 😛 I bet the white looks really good! hahaha yes I understand about black dogs rubbing themselves on neutral things, Jordan does it to the carpet *roll eyes*

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