Oh Fiji, How I Miss Thee

I just received an email from a friend of mine who I had the pleasure of going to Fiji with 2 years ago. She was telling me that one of the resorts we stayed at, Lomani Island Resort, now has beachfront Bure’s. *insert a sigh here* Looking at their website has flooded back so many happy memories of our time in Fiji.

The Husband and I went there for the wedding of his best friend’s Sister. My Husband grew up with this family and they are more like his “family” than his own. The wedding itself was held at Outrigger on the Coral Coast which is located on the main island of Fiji, Viti Levu. We spent 7 awesome days of experiencing a beautiful resort and taking in everything Fiji has to offer, even including a drive in to Suva which was an eye opener 🙂 From there we took a sea cat over to Malolo Lailai where Lomani Resort is situated and stayed for 4 nights.

We are not usually the “relax and do nothing” type but the Fijian way of life just rubs off on you. We chilled. We ate. We drank. We snorkelled. We swam. We enjoyed life! I bounced out of bed every morning at sun rise, not something I am known to do. I didn’t wear makeup for the entire time I was there, except for the wedding. And I got a tan!

Booking our holiday to Fiji was hard for me as I didn’t really have an urge to go. I was worried about the food, I worried that there was going to be nothing to do and I worried that we were going in the middle of a military coup. I was completely wrong! We cried the day we left Fiji 😦 we loved it so much. We loved that the people just appreciate life and can be so happy with what we would classify as nothing. Watching kids play football in the rain on a flooded oval with huge smiles on their faces. We caught the staff from one of the resorts going for an afternoon swim in the ocean, in their work clothes, after their shifts, laughing and singing. The workers walking past us, on their way home, with their machetes swung over their shoulders yelling out Bula and waving.

It’s a completely different way of life but it is one that has certainly stuck with me.

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