Kit Kat Cake

What kind of cake do you make for a man turning 36? You make them a Kit Kat Cake of course!

The Husband celebrated his birthday a few weeks ago and for the first time I decided to make a cake with inspiration from my beautiful friend Lib (she is making this cake for her daughter). I am not one to usually bake a cake let alone decorate one so when I first saw it I immediately thought “I can do that”.

Lo-and-behold I did!

The Chocolate Sour Cream Cake recipe can be found over at Marta Writes. Thank you for an amazing recipe, that yes you were so right in saying the cake will disappear.

Once the cake is made you assemble it by placing kit kats around it and holding in place with a ribbon of your choice. You may need an extra pair of hands here to hold the kit kats up while tying the bow. Then fill the inside with your choice of M&M’s, Smarties or Skittles. I chose a mixture of M&M’s.

The cake was an absolute hit and there was not one child at the dinner 🙂

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