Point + Shoot #14 – Kitty Play

No piece of paper is sacred in our house. If you leave a small piece of it lying around, Kobe will hunt it down and rip it to pieces.

There is something about the sound of crumpling paper that turns him in to a crazy cat. We call it “remote for the kitty” because he will do anything for you as long as you let him play.

Dangling bits of paper from great heights is even more exciting.

Just make sure your hands and all body parts are out of the way!

Today’s mad monkey act is part of Chantelle’s Point + Shoot over at Fat Mum Slim. Go check out the other entries for this week!

7 thoughts on “Point + Shoot #14 – Kitty Play

  1. hahaha that last shot is a classic. He is just beautiful. I would not survive without my feline friends. They bring me more joy than people most of the time LOL xox

    • Oh yes, he is definitely the love of my life followed closely by the dog and then the Husband 😛 actually they all get put on a pedestal as high as the other!

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