Point + Shoot #13 – Bath Time

The weather was finally perfect for the whole day for us to be able to bath Jordan. Being an indoor dog his fur amazingly enough does not smell that much but he does love to roll around in the grass which in turn can make him a bit on-the-nose for a little while. Our biggest problem with him is we know he definitely needs a bath when he looses copious amounts of fur. Such a joy when you have neutral coloured tiles in your home. My vacuum cleaner is my best friend!

Realisation has finally hit, as the water touches his fur, that it’s bath time and he’s not a happy puppy.

Time to get all that nasty water off. He shakes from head to toe and does a little bum jiggle when he gets to the last drop to make sure it’s all off.

The water then creates a crazy dog who run around the yard like a mad man. Completely different puppy from the one who was dirty ๐Ÿ˜›

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