Blog This Challenge 55: Photography – Goofing Around

Blog This Challenge 55: Goofing Around – Come on! We all do it! Show it, flaunt it!

Well this challenge is right up my Husband’s alley as he cannot help himself but goof around in front of a camera. Picking just one photo was the challenge for me but the one I did choose is a reminder to all out there to be careful what you do when you have a had a little bit too much to drink and a friend decides to use it as evidence against you…

I am beginning to wonder about our views on a “sexy pose” but what I can tell you is that night was the beginning of our relationship with Espresso Martinis 😛

*Note: anyone that leaves a camera lying around in the vicinity of my Husband, beware. As you will find a photo of his face as you are downloading your snaps and it doesn’t matter if he knows you or not. You will aways remember him from that moment on.

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