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I live in a pretty laid back city and yes, I think we take a lot of things for granted especially things like not having to pay for 99% of car parking, perfect weather 95% of the year and not much traffic congestion.

This morning I had an appointment in Brisbane and had to be there at 9:45am. I thought I was being smart and was going to miss the peak hour traffic. Oh boy was I wrong! Due to a down pour through the night continuing all day today, the traffic was horrendous as everyone had obviously decided to take their car.

I felt like I was back in Adelaide again. Thick smog making even the car in front hard to see. Rain pouring down creating big enough puddles for trucks to heavily spray down your car and everyone going in to panic mode.

It only took me 20 minutes extra than usual to get up there but I can honestly say that I do not miss peak hour traffic like that at all.

3 thoughts on “Traffic

  1. A good day to keep off the roads, but unfortunately for some that’s not possible…..I was at Robina first thing this morning… Granddaughter asked me last night if I would take her to see the new Tinkerbell movie so off we set this morning in the pouring rain, I must admit it was good to get home off the wet road….

    ps…The movie was great.

  2. Today has been absolutely miserable BUT I do love it except would be more enjoyable in pj’s in front of the TV 😛

    I did even know there was a Tinkerbell movie Elizabeth. I love the new Robina cinema though!

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