When I Threw a Tanty

Tuesday was a bad day and it all started when I switched on my GHD and the red light didn’t come on 😮 I actually didn’t notice until I came back to the bathroom to start using it and was still cold. I looked at the switch on the styler. I looked at the switch on the wall. I HAD turned it all on. I flicked the switch on and off on both switched. I tried another socket. Nothing. I looked at sleek black styler in disbelief. How could this be happening? Not now!

Anyone who has jumped on the GHD bandwagon will understand. The pain. The hurt. The anger I was feeling and then the words blurted out of my mouth @#$% *bleep* I threw a tantrum, a tanty, a wobbly. I wanted to throw the styler as far away from myself as possible because the one thing that I relied on every day to make me feel my best had given up on me.

I took a deep breath, picked up the phone and contacted GHD. The lady was calm and made me calm. I was told that I needed to send my styler to NSW and they overhaul it and I will get it back just like new. Phew! Only issue is I will be without it for 14 days 😦 but all in all it can be fixed and I don’t need to buy a new one. However, I have just noticed the new Green Envy styler hmmm.

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