The Joy of Photography

Photo Courtesy of Rachael Hale

I have been a fan of Rachael Hale‘s photography for a very long time. Her life revolves around two passions of mine, animals and photography so it is no wonder why I have fallen in love with her work.

About Rachael Hale

Rachael Hale is one of the world’s leading animal portrait photographers. Her images have been published on greeting cards, calendars, posters, and stationery around the world.

Her first book, 101 Salivations: For the Love of Dogs, was published in 2003, followed by 101 Cataclysms: For the Love of Cats in 2004, It’s a Zoo Out There in 2005, and Smitten: A Kitten’s Guide to Happiness in 2006. In 2007, her fifth book was published—Snog: A Puppy’s Guide to Love.

Rachael Hale lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with her three cats, Edmund, Gianni, and Versace, and her newly adopted Dalmatian Boxer cross, Kizzie.

Photo Courtesy of Rachael Hale

Her work just captures the essence of what are animals are, love and devotion. Her photos make you smile, they make you laugh and most of all they make you appreciate the true joy that an animal can bring.

Pop on over to Rachael Hale‘s website and enjoy her work plus she has an online shop where you can purchase many products including her gorgeous photo books.

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