Point + Shoot #10

We had a relaxing yet eventful weekend. We caught up with friends on Friday night who we haven’t seen for a few months. Very bad, yes I know but life has just taken us in a direction that unfortunately time is very sparse. Saturday afternoon/night we had a birthday celebration which included the Australia versus South African rugby game. Not being a fan of rugby myself, I was fortunate that even though we were the only Australian’s at the party not everyone was in to the game so I didn’t feel alone. The night was full of laughter, food and like my South Australian family, South African’s love to drink. Must be something with the “South” 😛

Crawling in to bed at 3am used to be the thing of the past for us but not when we mingle with them! This in turn made Sunday a day of spending at home with our boys. Jordan woke me at 8am to be let outside and that meant that Kobe was ready for breakfast. The first thing I did was turn our brand spanking new coffee machine on to wake up!

A few weeks ago our office was broken in to and out of all things they took the coffee machine 😮 (along with computer equipment and televisions) so we decided to upgrade the machine at home and take the one that we had to the office. I have been a fan of DeLonghi for a very long time now as they were the innovators of the automatic cappuccino system. At the touch of button the machine will automatically froth the milk for you. (*note: at the time I took the photo the milk jug was in the fridge). We have had our previous machine for 3 years now and have been so happy with it but now my new toy has a touch screen as well as setting for me to have my own coffee the way I like it pre-programmed.

I know, small things but we all know how much I love and appreciate coffee.

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2 thoughts on “Point + Shoot #10

    • Hahaha my Husband who is half Italian would love that but when it comes to the coffee machine, yes I agree with you!

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