Closet Space

Ever since going from a standard wardrobe to a home with His and Her’s walk-in robes I have become obsessed with a bigger and better closet!

The more space I was given the more clothes, accessories and shoes I purchased so now I have started to set out my closet to accommodate it all. The other day I said to the Husband that it would make my life a whole lot easier if I had a chair in there. He just shook nodded his head in the typical male way. Unlike me, he grabs his clothes gets dressed and doesn’t look back. However, I want to sit there and admire, take it all in and really plan what I am going to wear 😛 Unfortunately a lounge is not going to fit. A small cube ottoman might but not the chaise lounge that I am thinking of so, the next words to come out of my mouth were “we need to start looking for a new house and this one has to have a walk-in closet big enough to fit a lounge in there”.

By this stage the Husband could only roll his eyes!

I have had this picture on my computer for a very long time. I love the way it is set out with plenty of shelves and drawers, especially the drawer/holder for pants. A long stool type lounge would fit perfectly or even a large round ottoman.

I love how feminine this one is. I am not a chandelier person at all but it just ties in perfectly. I don’t know how the Husband would cope with this one as his tastes are a bit more modern/contemporary 😛 but I am sure he would get used to it.

Like the first one, I love how this has plenty of shelving and hanging sections. I love the concept of shutting the doors so it would look like a cupboard but how small is the space for the TV??? Husband would definitely say no to that! hahaha

This is actually Mariah Carey’s “closet”. I managed to see it on MTV Cribs and was gobsmacked. The room is designed to look like a boutique and she has another room off this one just for her shoes. Now that is my dream closet!

And last but definitely not least, Carrie and Mr Big’s closet in Sex and the City 2. When the camera moved in to the room my mouth hit my knees. O.M.G this is the ultimate in closet design for a male and female. I just love how one side is masculine and one side is feminine and there is chaise in the middle to separate the space.


4 thoughts on “Closet Space

  1. Hi again Britt,

    Have you ever seen photos of Oprah’s closet?…I think you’d ♥♥♥ hers too…..if you haven’t seen pics just Google ‘Oprah’s closet’ and go to “images”…..

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I have seen hers and yes, it is to die for 🙂 I also saw when she did a makeover on Gayle’s closet and thought that looked awesome too. I have major closet-envy with the majority of celebrities hahaha

  3. drool! We are building our new walk in robe for our new master bedroom currently – the draftsman thought my measurements for it were a typo 😉 and the builder tried to convince us to make the ensuite bigger instead! I said no way!!

    I am hoping it will look like the sex and the city one, only instead of the bathroom at the end we are having a big picture window overlooking our dam – oh and we are planning a little sofa or a nice chair 😉 (eventually – I wish the budget was bottomless!)

    • OMG if you end up with one like SATC2 I will be extremely jealous hehehe

      Builder’s just don’t understand do they? However, I did find a builder that understood the importance of a laundry with plenty of cupboards. He also had scullery in/just off his kitchen which I think is an awesome idea.

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