Point + Shoot #9

I remember as a little girl being made to walk around garden nursery’s every Sunday. My Mother is an avid “green thumb” and she just loved to add to her garden. When the weekends rolled around I cringed when she would have to blackmail me in to going with her. I got to pick the place for lunch if she could go and get more plants. (Now we know where my obsession for eating came from :-P).

You would have thought that from all of those days looking at plants that I would know a few things about gardening…ahhh, NO! I haven’t a clue where to start. I kill everything and I always forget to water. That’s what rain is for, right? Our garden, if that’s what you would like to call it, so far consists of a very well maintained herb and vegetable garden thanks to the Husband, lawn for the dog, Frangipani tree and Agave’s. I have tried to kill them and you know what? You just can’t. Awesome! We have found a plant that actually lives for me 🙂

Four years ago I purchased a Camellia plant. I expected, just like every other plant I buy and pot, for it to die. I remembered to water it, I even fed it when it needed and it decided to flower. I received one flower for all my hard work!

When we moved house I decided to put it on our back deck. It is in a spot where it doesn’t get full sun. Actually I don’t think it gets much sun at all but it does receive plenty of light and water when it rains. Last week it started to bud and not just one, the whole plant is covered. Saturday morning I woke to half and full blooms 😮

I was in such complete shock that I had to photograph it for this weeks Fat Mum Slim Point + Shoot to prove that I can finally grow something!

2 thoughts on “Point + Shoot #9

    • Thanks Simone and it’s great to hear that I’m not the only one who has no idea when it comes to gardening hehehe

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