Riddle Me This

I am one who is always interested in people’s “quirks” and why people do the things that they do.

Why do some people fold the toilet paper and some scrunch? Why do some people drink and other’s don’t? Why do people feel the need to “tell it how it is” and other’s don’t? Why do some like Ford and some like Holden? Why???

I am an avid cleaner. I will admit that I adore Martha Stewart. I take pride in a clean environment and my home is one place that I always make sure is tidy as to me it just feels better. Plus living with a Husband, dog and cat I make sure that we are all comfortable.

The one room in our home that I always make sure is spotless is our kitchen as it is the “hub” of our house. Everyone tends to congregate around the island bench and seeing we love to cook, we are in it most of the time. This tends to lead to a lot of dishwashing. We purchased a Fisher & Paykel Dish Drawer Dishwasher as we didn’t want to have to wait to fill it just for the 2 of us and then we could use both if we had guests. As per the majority of dishwashers, you have to still make sure the dishes are rinsed properly as to me it can sometimes just not clean to my standards. So, as you can imagine I will then hand wash the whole load. I wash the dishes with the hottest of hot water and plenty of suds. I then place all the washed dishes in the second sink and rinse them individually with hot and then place on the drying rack to which I let them dry naturally.

I am noticing lately that I must be extremely anal because a lot of people don’t rinse the dishes once they have washed. To me, the suds hold the “dirt” and then will stick to the dish once dried.

So, tell me, is there something wrong with me? 😛

What are your quirks?

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