Blog This Photographic Challenge 51 – Change

Blog This: Get those camera’s clicking or start going through your archive or start trawling online, this week we want you to show us CHANGE in photos!  A quick photo challenge this time, so make sure you take note of the deadlines!

My Grandfather & me ~ approx. 1980

I have just had one of my cousin’s come to stay with us for the weekend. When I have one of my family members visit it always makes me appreciate family and how important they are. My Mum’s side are extremely close and I have a different bond with each and every one of them. My Mother is one of 5 children and there are 11 grand-children in total. Our family are quite unique in a way that we also see the 2nd Cousin’s and also the Great-Aunt’s and Uncle’s. Many of whom were guests at my wedding.

Yesterday, my Mother rang me to tell me that one of her cousin’s had passed away of a heart attack. She was very close to him and I grew up with his daughter who is a year older than me. I realised that I am getting to point in my life where I am going to hear this kind of sad news more often and it made me reflect back to the day when I heard the words that I never, ever wanted to hear…my Grandfather had left us.

My Grandfather was the most precious person in my life, second to my Grandmother. He was the Father that I never had growing up and even though he was quite strict, he was a General in WW2, he always showed his softer side to me. So, it was only natural to have him walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. He was getting quite frail near to the end and we asked him if he wanted to walk me half the way but he put his foot down and said he was going to do it properly or not at all 🙂 He was always good at not mincing his words!

My Grandfather & me ~ October 2005

That day, 2 years ago, absolutely shattered me and I miss him so much. I look back at the photos I have of him and see more changes in myself than I do in him. I always thought he would live forever but he was ready to go, he told me himself 😦

Life without him is actually quite different to what we imagined. My Grandmother loved him dearly but she devoted her life to him and has now blossomed in to a an extremely independent woman. She even travelled to Vietnam with her Sister in April this year, which shocked us all.

Life hasn’t stopped but it definitely has changed.

4 thoughts on “Blog This Photographic Challenge 51 – Change

  1. Hi Britt,

    I think your Grandfather would have been extremely proud of the loving way you have written about him….I can see he has been a great influence on your life.

    I hope you got the problem sorted out with the hotel in Sydney – not a pleasant experience after a nice weekend away.

    • Awww thank you Elizabeth. Yes he definitely was a huge influence in my life 🙂

      It’s finally all been sorted out but I will never stay there again!

  2. Beautiful, emotional response to ‘Blog This’ theme Change. I lost the most precious man in my world, My Dad, two years ago. The love and the memories never go away. You Grandfather has a loving, proud sparkle in his eyes in the wedding shot.

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