Not Happy…Jan!

Those words from that Yellow Pages came flooding in to my head when I checked my online banking account and noticed a Purchase Authorisation for $399 😮 I sat there dumbfounded as I know I am good at spending money but I am sure I would remember spending nearly $400 in one transaction???

On Monday when we checked in to our hotel in Sydney, the receptionist asked for a credit card so they could have the number on file “just in case”. I understand that every hotel does this but to be told that they would take $100 off my card and then deduct that from the final payment??? I questioned it and she kept coming out with different excuses and then we thought she said she wouldn’t deduct any money so I gave her my card and thought “oh well, we have to eventually pay for the room anyway”.

On Tuesday when we checked out, we decided to pay cash. When booking the room, my Mother was told it would cost $349. We paid the account and thought nothing of the $100 supposedly being deducted from my card because we both presumed that like other hotels, they wouldn’t taking any money off it. Well, I was wrong. On Monday they had put a transaction through my credit card BUT for $50 more than the room rate AND $299 more than what they told me they were taking. *cue angry face*

I contacted my bank straight away and they gave me the process of what I have to do to get the money back.

I will never stay at that hotel ever again! I should have known from the fact that their “valet parking” was going to cost me $50 for them to valet or $25 for me to park it myself PLUS their car park is located 3 blocks away from the hotel itself.

Why I didn’t stay at The Marriott like I usually do is beyond me?!?!

So, has anyone else received bad service from hotels?

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